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Promote This Baby

Promote without joining

<<> Promote w/o joining!! <>>
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Anybody , Moderated
This community was created for you to advertise your NEW communities. Also, advertise without joining! If you like to promote a lot then free free to join.. ♥

::The only rules are::

1. DO NOT bash other communties

2. Post as much as possible

3. Use PROPER english please. Do NoT WrYtE lIkE tHyS.

4. Promote LIVEJOURNAL communities only!!

5. Have fun

6. If nudity in banner please post under lj-cut

7. If it's a community with an age limit (example: 15+ or 15-23) Please tell us.

8. If you want post information about the community..
Example: Info- Rating community by looks, personality.. Or if it's about music... so on.

♥ Please Tell You Friends About This Community. If They Like To Promote As Well!

Thank you!

title or description

JOIN stol3n_graphics

Graphics like ¤ FO banners
¤ Members only banners
¤ Colorbars
¤ Icons
¤ Glitter images
¤ Glitter sigs
¤ Pixels
¤ Dolls
¤ Update banners/banners
¤ Animations
¤ Quote images
¤ Anything that has to do with graphics
You can also post:
¤ Quotes
¤ Your aim profiles